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Mask Off Company

Mask-Off, a manufacturer of pressure sensitive protective films, papers, and specialty coatings, was founded in 1950 with the commitment to provide quality products and superior service. Over the past 50 years, Mask-Off has grown to become one of the leaders in its industry.

Mask-Off's temporary surface protection tapes are engineered for application by machine or by hand. Removal of these tapes is especially easy, and the removal process leaves no residue. Most of Mask-Off's products can be drilled, routed or countersunk, and are highly resistant to scratching and marring. Thus, the products themselves eliminate the need for costly rework.

Mask-Off can also provide over-spray protection during the painting process. In addition to its high quality products and glowing industry reputation, Mask-Off is highly sensitive to maintaining exceptional product quality and minimal product cost.