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Metallic Paint Collection®

Are you looking to add some decorative charm to your home or to another painting project? There is no better way to do it than with Modern Masters metallic paint. Say goodbye to boring, traditional paint, and say hello to your new favorite decorative tool. Since it was founded in 1962, Modern Masters has been making a name for itself as the leader in the decorative painting world, and a big part of that success is due to their impressive collection of metallic paint. There are several options out there for metallic paint, but why would you settle for less when you can enjoy high-quality metallic paint from the very best name in the industry at such a great price? 

You can find Modern Masters paint in over 4,000 different retail stores all around the world, and at Mark's Paint Store, we are proud to say that we have put together a huge selection of specialty Modern Masters paint for you to choose from. Would you love to add some subtle elegance to your home? If so, the Modern Master's Pearl White might be the best option for you! Would you love to add a bit of style and drama to your home? Check out some of our more colorful options, like Modern Masters Venetian Blue! Whatever look you are going for, you can rest assured that you will find a great Modern Masters metallic paint to help you get the job done. Shop with Mark's Paint Store today to find the perfect metallic paint for your next paint project! 


triangle.png Modern Masters does not recommend the use of MasterClear® Supreme 
over The Metallic Paint Collection or on Floors.