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Patina Aging Solutions & Activators

 Patina Aging Solutions & Activators

Metal Effects® Patina Aging Solutions & Activators are water base acidic solutions that are applied to the Metal Effects® Reactive Metallic Paints. They will react with the real metal particles in the paints, thus speeding up the oxidation process.

The Green or Blue Patina Aging Solutions can be applied to Metal Effects® Copper, Harvest Gold, Pale Gold, Rich Gold or Bronze Metallic Paints. These paint and patina combinations will create a beautiful, authentic Green or Blue. The Baroque Activator is applied to Metal Effects® Baroque Metallic Paint. This combination will create a unique, real two-tone Copper/Silver finish imitating the finishes seen in the Baroque Period. The Rust Activator is applied to the Metal Effects® Iron Paint. This combination will create a real weathered rust finish.

Patina Aging Solutions and Rust Activator can be applied using a brush, sea sponge or spray by attaching the Metal Effects® Spritzer Cap directly to the bottle. Baroque Activator can be applied using a brush or sea sponge (cannot be spray applied). Complete application instructions are inside Reactive Metallic Paint lid. Suitable for interior/exterior surfaces.

4 oz., 16 oz. and Gallon

PA901 Green, PA902 Blue, PA904 Rust, PA905 Baroque