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At Mark's Paint Store, we are happy to say that we are your source for all things painting. Whether you are working on a simple, straightforward paint project or you want to get a bit more decorative, we have the high-quality paint products you need to get the job done. When it comes to specialty paint, there is no better name in the business than Modern Masters. Modern Master's metallic paint has helped to pave the way for their success within the paint industry, but their metallic paint isn't the only decorative paint option they have available. 

The Metallic Paint Extender for Rolling from Modern Masters is the perfect option for any metallic paint project you are working on that requires a roller. Metallic paint contains low VOC and high solids, which makes it hard to apply metallic paint properly without the ability to back-roll. The Metallic Paint Extender gives you that ability. This incredible product will extend your paint's "wet edge" time by up to forty minutes, which will allow you to back roll like a professional. Back rolling will help to eliminate overlapping and ensure that the metallic particles in the paint are properly oriented. 

The Modern Master's Metallic Paint Extender is just one of the many decorative paint products we have available for you. Whether you are looking for glazes, protection or tools and accessories, you can rest assured that you will find it when you shop with Mark's Paint Store. What are you waiting for? Get everything you need for your project by shopping with us today!