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MasterClear® Supreme


When you want to get a professional result with all of your paint projects, the painting itself is just one step of the process. Over time, paint can easily start to peel and show normal signs of wear and tear. Luckily, there is a better way, and the experts here at Mark's Paint Store are here to help! We are proud to say that we carry some of the best products from some of the best names in the entire industry. Modern Masters is, hands down, the number one name in specialty paint, and no job is complete without MasterClear® Supreme.

MasterClear® Supreme is simply, the ultimate protective clear coat. Unlike other protective topcoats, this water-based option from Modern Masters will dry quickly and leave you with a beautiful, crystal-clear finish that you won't find with any other product of its kind. The very best part about MasterClear® Supreme is its versatility. This topcoat works on any surface that was previously painted, but it also works for wallpaper, water-based or oil-based stained wood, bare wood, and bare or anodized aluminum. MasterClean® Supreme features two different protective layers: a layer made of Advanced Resin Technologies that protects interior surfaces against chipping, scuffing, abrasion, alcohol, and household chemicals, plus a layer that protects exteriors surfaces against salt air, oxidation, acid rain, mildew, bird droppings, etc. MasterClear® Supreme also has added absorbers and UV blockers that prevent graying and fading from exposure to the sun.

Learn more about MasterClear® Supreme and how it can benefit you by watching MasterClear's presentation