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How to Remove Unwanted Wallpaper

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Have you had a chance to read our last blog yet? If you have, then you already know that removing wallpaper (rather than painting over it) will give you the best results. If you don't remove your wallpaper, the moisture in the Modern Masters paint can cause the wallpaper underneath to loosen. Knowing why you should remove the wallpaper is all well and good, but you have to learn how to remove it correctly for the best results. So, without further ado, the following is our guide on how to remove unwanted wallpaper:

Step #1. Get the room ready.

In order to get all of the glue and residue from the wallpaper completely off of your walls, you will need to spray a solution, which is why it is important to prepare the room you will be removing wallpaper in. Cover the floor with a plastic drop cloth, remove outlet covers and switch plates and turn off the power to the room. 

Step #2. Prepare the wallpaper. 

Before you spray the solution onto your wallpaper to loosen it, you first have to prepare the wallpaper so that it soaks up the solution more effectively and the solution is able to penetrate the paper down to the glue. To do so, create small holes all over the wallpaper. This is called scoring. 

These are just a couple of the steps you will need to complete in order to remove unwanted wallpaper from your home. To learn about the rest of the steps, please be sure to stay tuned for our next blog!