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How to Remove Unwanted Wallpaper Part 2

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If you want great results, removing old wallpaper is a must. 

Painting over old wallpaper with Modern Masters metallic paint is tempting, but the fact of the matter is that it can lead to a variety of issues down the road. That is why, in our last blog, we gave you the first couple of steps to removing wallpaper the right way. Keep reading to learn more!

Step #3. Soak the wallpaper.

You can find a good soaking solution at your local hardware store, but there are many things that are probably already in your home that work just as well, including vinegar and fabric softener. If you use vinegar, use a 20% solution, and if you use fabric softener, use a 25-50% solution, either way you will need to mix with hot water for best results. You will want to make sure to mix your solution in small batches so that it stays warm. Grab a sponge or a spray bottle and soak your wallpaper with it (only soak what you can remove in around 15 minutes at a time). Before you move on, let the solution soak in for a few minutes.

Step #4. Strip the wallpaper. 

Start stripping the wallpaper at the bottom or the corners. Be sure to pull slowly, evenly and carefully to pull off the biggest pieces. If you need a bit of extra help, utilize a wide putty knife. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until your walls are clear of paper. 

Step #5. Clean your walls.

There is likely to be some adhesive left on your walls, so you will want to clean them with a sponge, hot water and a bit of dish detergent. When you are done washing, rinse and towel dry.