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Stucco Lamundo™ is a genuine lime-based Venetian plaster formulated for easy application and exceptional durability. This interior wall coating system is a tintable paste which allows the achievement of highly polished marble-like finish on almost any interior surface.

Lamundo™ is particularly elegant and is designed for precious wall spaces for Villas, commercial, spaces, theaters, offices and any environment where a high-end atmosphere is desired.


  • Surface should be smooth, clean and dust free.
  • New surface - Prime substrate with PVA acrylic primer and let it dry fully. Apply one coat of Meoded Quartz Primer™ allowing it 3-5 hours .to dry.
  • Existing surface - Any surface with sheen should be sanded, then prime the surface with multi-purpose primer and let it dry fully. Next apply .one coat of Meoded Quartz Primer™ allowing it to dry for 3-5 hours.
  • Preparation of flat surfaces requires only the application of Meoded Quartz Primer™.


  • Use stainless steel trowel or spatula to apply the three coats of Stucco Lamundo™.
  • First coat - First coat of Stucco Lamundo™ should be applied thinly and evenly, covering the entire wall. Allow at least 12 hours for the base coat to dry.
  • Second coat - If it's necessary to smooth, slightly sand the first coat with 180-320 grit sandpaper before proceeding. The second coat should be applied and spread tightly in an overlapping patches pattern.
    Allow second coat to dry for at least 5-7 hours.
  • Third coat & Burnishing - Apply this finish coat in the same manner as second coat. When the surface material is still moist start Burnishing by gradually pressing and smoothing the material in 10-15 sq. ft. sections.
    The more you burnish the shinier and glossier the surface will become.

Tinting: Stucco Lamundo™ can be tinted to any color using Universal tints or machine colorants. It is recommended to use Meoded's natural concentrated pigments.

Coverage: 20 kg 350-450 sq. ft. for three coats, depending on surface and texture.

Sealer: After allowing a minimum of 48 hours to dry, it is recommended that you apply a protective coat of Lamundo Wax™ to provide your finish with protection from moisture and dirt while also enhancing sheen and gloss.

Special Effects: Unique Metallic effects and custom stencils can be used to enhance the elegant and rich appearance of Stucco Lamundo™.

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