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Marmorino Tintoretto™ is a natural lime and marble dust paste, which is used as an interior and exterior decorative wall plaster. Tintoretto™ is a contemporary version of the traditional smooth Italian stucco which is known for its warmth and dramatic appearance.

 A wide range of textures can be achieved with Tintoretto™ including marble-like, smooth finish, distressed, or natural stone looks. Due to its natural makeup, Tintoretto™ allows for the creation of a slight matte or a slight sheen finish depending upon type of application.


  • Surface should be smooth, clean and free of contamination.
    Interior new surface - Prime substrate with PVA acrylic primer and let it dry fully.
    Apply one coat of diluted Meoded Quartz Primer allowing it 3-5 hours to dry.
    Interior & Exterior existing surface - Sand oil-based paints and glossy surfaces.
    Prime substrate with multi-purpose primer and let it dry fully. Then apply one coat of diluted Meoded Quartz Primer™ allowing it 3-5 hours to dry.
    Preparation of flat surfaces requires only the application of diluted Meoded Quartz Primer™.

Application: Use stainless steel trowel or spatula to apply the two coats of Marmorino Tintoretto™

Sealer: After a minimum of 48 hours dry, Water-block™, a water-repellent sealer is recommended to provide your finish with protection from moisture and dirt.

Tinting: Marmorino Tintoretto™ can be tinted to any color using Universal tints or machine colorants. It is recommended to use Meoded natural concentrated pigments.

Coverage: 20 kg 120-240 sq. ft. for two coats; depending on surface and texture.

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