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Mask-Off Protex 20S Sandblast Paper


Product Description

Description: 20 mil latex impregnated paper. For applications where extra protection and high tack is required.

Application: Wing walk areas to eliminate damage from foot traffic, top areas of aircraft and on leading edges.

Used for Tedlar ® interior protection in ceiling areas, overhead storage compartments and for exterior skin protection where heavy duty protection is required. Used to protect graphite composite surfaces from impact damage that could result in interlayer fracturing. PROTEX 20S may also be used for movie studio backdrops, cover-ups, and painting of sets. It can withstand 60 pounds of sandblasting pressure for decorative applications, i.e. glass etching and light blasting on wood.

  • Liner allows the product to be die-cut if desired.
  • Typical Properties: Backing: Basis wt., lbs/3000 sq. ft. 175-187
  • Thickness, mils 19-23
  • Tensile strength, lbs/inch M.D. 25 min
  • Elongation, % M.D. 10 min
  • Elmendorf tear, grams, M.D. 280 min
  • C.D. 360 min
  • Typical Properties: Adhesive: Base Natural latex
  • Adhesion to steel, oz/inch width 44-50 (At time of manufacture)
  • PSTC-1 (Modified)
  • Typical Properties: Liner: flatback
  • Typical Properties: Storage:
  • Standard Sizes Available: 36" x 30 yds

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