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How to Brighten Up a Dark Room

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We all have those rooms in our homes that don't seem to get enough light. 

These cave-like rooms tend to be kind of depressing, but the good news is that they don't have to be! There are many things that you can do to brighten up your dark room, and your friends at Mark's Paint Store are here to help. The following is a list from our experts of the top tips for brightening up a dark room:

#1. Pick the right Modern Masters paint colors.

The best way to make a room not only look brighter, but also bigger, is by choosing light paint colors. This doesn't mean that your only option is white. White can be a great option, but many people feel that it looks boring and sterile. If you like white, but you also want to add some warmth to the room, mix and match white with a neutral color, like camel tan or espresso brown. Another great trick to lighting up a room is by either adding white carpet or painting the floor white. 

#2. Get creative with your lighting. 

Although overhead lights are the go-to option for many homeowners everywhere, they certainly aren't the only option you have. In fact, overhead lights tend to cause a single illuminated spot, leaving dark corners. To maximize your overhead lighting, add in some track lighting. This allows you to not only direct the light to where you really need it, but it also allows the light to be spread more evenly around the room.

Want to learn more tricks for brightening up a dark room? If so please stay tuned for our next blog.